Achieving a Work-life Balance

For so many of us, the importance of a good Work-Life Balance is paramount. Let us explain how owning a franchise, WILL help you achieve positive wellbeing at work and in your home life.

As a franchisor operating for many years, at Countrywide Signs, we’ve seen a number of franchisees enjoy the simple reward of achieving the perfect balance when it comes to work and their home lives. This has become especially apparent during the pandemic.

With so many of us experiencing new ways of working, missing our extended family and friends, as well as the knock-on effect for those who have caught the virus, we have all learned to cherish and nurture those close to us even more.

How Becoming a Franchisee WILL Help

Joining a franchise network is a great way to tick so many boxes when it comes to ensuring a balance of financial reward and family time. The franchise model offers a flexibility and luxury that many business-owners are unable to enjoy.

Countrywide Signs franchisees work as a mixture of being home-based and on the road. As long as the service-level agreement (SLA) with the agents is met it’s really up to the franchisee to pick and choose the hours he or she works. For example, if there’s a special event for a child, or an appointment you can’t miss, there’s no reason not to work your job commitments around it.

Franchisees either work the classic nine to five workday or mix it up but working early mornings or later evenings. Some even opt to fulfil their SLAs by working a Saturday or Sunday, so they can take a weekday as holiday. Remember, you are the boss! You base your week planning on the work required and your agreed commitments.

Lee Rathbone, Countrywide Signs Norfolk & East Suffolk comments on his own experience: “Owning my franchise has given me the chance to see more of my family than my previous job. It gives me the opportunity to do the morning drop-offs at school and even the evening pickups when needed. If we need a day off, we do more work in the lead up and after. It works well for me and my family. The work-life balance is definitely a massive bonus to owning a franchise.”

How to Achieve a Work-life Balance

Our training expert, Sue Jamil, was once a franchisee herself. Here are her top tips…

  • It’s all in the planning. You can plan your week of work based on your personal commitments. Rather than the other way round. Just ensure you meet your service-level agreement.
  • Build relationships with the network. That way when you need support from a franchisee operating close by you can share a mutual agreement. This help with holidays, sickness and if you ever had a broken-down van. You will also benefit from franchisor support at such times.
  • As an outdoors business, to fulfil orders during the busier times of spring and summer, you have the luxury of later evenings and lighter mornings. Opt to work a few evenings before the sun goes down. Before you know it, you’ll have achieved an extra day’s worth of work.
  • Choose your level of ambition. Are you looking to grow your business? In which case an employee with another van on the road can also carry the load when and if you need some time off. You will be able to see the kid’s sports day or meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while with no work guilt.

What are the Benefits of a Positive Work-life Balance?

Most importantly, especially in the times we live in, there are many benefits from a positive work-life balance.

  • It is great for mental and physical health.
  • It means avoiding the mental strain of feeling over-worked and over-whelmed.
  • You will never miss the all-important moments with your family.
  • If you get it right, you are guaranteed a life of happiness and fulfilment.
  • You will be able to take those well-deserved breaks with confidence and truly unwind.

In fact, The BFA, has just released a guide to help those looking at becoming a franchisee, to understand franchising and how it helps achieve a positive work-life balance. Take a look.

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*Photo: Lee Rathbone. Countrywide Signs Norfolk & East Suffolk.