Introducing TrinityU’s 2080e online business support package. The ultimate business development and support platform for new and existing franchisees across the Countrywide Signs network.

Business advice for franchisees

As a franchisor, we have responsibility to ensure our franchisees have access to the most up-to-date support and guidance to develop and grow their individual businesses.

The world is ever evolving and is especially true in current times. Becoming complacent should never be an option. That is why we are continuously evolving our support package to adapt to an ever changing economy and digital world.

TrinityU’s 2080e online business support platform

Statistics have shown that only around 30% of independent businesses trade beyond year 5. Obviously, this is yet another reason to not venture down the independent route and instead choose the franchise option.

However, even with the committed support of a franchisor, the business owner is, at the end of the day, responsible for developing and growing their own business.

The franchise model gives the tools but unfortunately not all individuals have had the opportunity to naturally harness their entrepreneurial spirit. Or the opportunity of running their own business. Sometimes a new franchisee needs that’s extra insight.

That is where TrinityU’s 2080e platform comes in. The on- and off-line coaching platform helps business owners at all stages of their business knowledge. It provides educational material and support that will eventually start at business A-level through the whole business owner journey.

What’s included in the business support platform?

Quite simply, everything you will need to help build an empire – as it were. Right through to selling your business as a retirement nest egg!

Countrywide Signs franchisees will now have access to the specialist business support platform from day one. They will have their own allocated account where they can find the resources to learn, adapt and flourish as their own boss.

The package includes:

  • Free access to the franchisee business owner e-learning platform.
  • Free online materials including mentoring videos and podcasts.
  • Free support 24/7/365 from a network of business professionals.

TrinityU owner and business consultant Adam Davison comments on the package he’s developed:

“Having worked in the franchise industry for 18 years, this type of in-depth support isn’t always available for new franchisees. We’ve therefore teamed up with Countrywide Signs’ head office to give their network access to our 2080e business mentoring programme.”

Continuing he said “people come to a franchise with a unique skill sets, personal values & beliefs and motivations for starting the business, therefore there can not be a one size fits all approach and at 2080e we aim to develop bespoke support and advice that fits with each individual.”

New things are happening at Countrywide Signs

We have all seen massive upheaval in recent months as part of the pandemic. It’s meant than many industries have needed to revaluate, nurture and look for new opportunities.

We have been one of the lucky ones. Our sector since lockdown was lifted, has seen an increase in business rather than depletion. This isn’t just through new prospective franchisees, but also through a boom in the housing market.

But despite this reassuring outcome, the simple truth is that we are all living in a world where new lockdown measures could be just moments round the corner… and without a crystal ball we must remain vigilant.

That is why in the coming months we will have other exciting additions to our business support package.

Always learning. Always adapting. Always continuing to evolve, even after 22 successful years as a property signage expert.

If you are interested in learning more about our franchise support package, please get in touch with our franchise recruitment team. They’ll listen and give you an honest insight into today’s world as a Countrywide Signs business owner.