If the pandemic taught businesses anything, it’s definitely the importance of marketing and in particular the need to embrace the digital world. Countrywide Signs has been on a mission to provide even more marketing support to its franchisees. Read on to find out what’s now included as part of the franchise package.

New Marketing Manager 

As part of the Countrywide Signs strategy the team brought in Marketing Manager, Sarah Maginn towards the end of 2020. A digital specialist with extensive experience in marketing and the franchise sector.

In line with the franchisor’s five-year network vision, the marketing department has continued to align its marketing practices to enhance each franchisee’s presence within the local community. The process is ever evolving, and a number of new marketing practices are already in place and running at full steam across the network.

Sarah explains what has taken priority so far. “Over the course of the past 18 months digital marketing initiatives have been stepped up. We first introduced Facebook social media networking and updated and aligned our core brand messaging. This was followed with a Google Business listing set up for each franchise. These are now managed by head office for the whole network. We’ve also developed marketing plans and tools to target prospective customers and are working on additional marketing communication to our existing estate and letting agents. The current larger project, is the redevelopment of the website with the objective to further support local search capabilities via search engines.”

Sarah continues. “Digital marketing can be an alien process to small business owners, that’s why we’ve been making sure that our franchisees are never left to feel alone when marketing their business. Each franchisee is armed from launch with everything they need to market themselves locally. If questions arise or additional guidance is needed, we’re always available by phone or email.”

Marketing Support Includes…

  • Brand management. Nationwide & locally.
  • Marketing plans. Targeting customers & prospects in the franchisee’s local area.
  • Google Business. We set up and manage on the franchisee’s behalf.
  • Social media. Facebook set up. Guidance for all socials.
  • A website page optimised for local search.
  • Email marketing. Campaigns managed by us. Templates to utilise.
  • Literature, Vehicle Graphics & Uniform. Branded & targeted.
  • Internal Communication & Networking. Newsletters, training & online workshops.

Marketing Training

Franchisees receive marketing training as part of the start-up training programme. The programme gives a full overview of marketing activities carried out via head office as well as the individual marketing activity required as a local representative of the Countrywide Signs brand.

After each business is in operation the marketing guidance and support continues as part of the new business set up structure. However, franchisees also have access to marketing tools via the Business Management System and expertise available on tap via telephone and email correspondence. Franchisees can also book meetings and view video tutorials to learn and develop their own marketing knowledge. The marketing support structure, however, is constantly evolving in line with the latest developments in the sector.

If you are interested in finding out more about marketing support or how to become a Countrywide Signs franchisee, please get in touch to arrange a call with our recruitment specialists.