If you’re looking to build a business with a tried and tested business model, franchising is an obvious choice. However, there are still different approaches to franchising. It’s never a case of one size fits all. Each franchisor’s approach will vary. Ask yourself the question, are you looking for a business where you can choose your own path or an opportunity where your path is mapped out?  

We ask prospective franchisees the style of business model they are looking for at ‘discovery’ stage. Discovery is when both parties determine whether they will work well together or not. Unfortunately, the concept of a van-based operation such as Countrywide Signs, can sometimes be misconstrued as being a manual/physical business where franchise owners simply erect property signs. Obviously, signage installation is what we do, but it’s still the behind-the-scenes element which makes our business model profitable for the franchisee. You choose your path with our guidance to help you achieve your end goal.

With a Countrywide Signs franchise opportunity, you have the control! This includes choosing your own pricing structure, having the ability to grow and develop as a businessperson in your own right, as well as the choice to target any type or of size agent. Our niche is independent agents. An area where there is room for negotiation, less red tape and where quality of service and a personal approach really counts. Regional and national clients are also available, but the independent agents would be your bread and butter. They are your customers, rather than ours. Meaning so much more flexibility to maintain relations and in-turn provide a better return on investment (ROI).

How Do We Help You Build a Business?

The devil is in the detail as they say, with a large proportion of the success rate of our franchisees attributed to how the business is managed. It’s the commitment which will see you through to the end goal alongside the support you’ll receive. Our franchise business model is built on support not instruction.

First, our franchisees are trained as property signage experts not just property signage installers.

Managing property signage is more than just erecting boards on posts; it’s about providing a quality product, understanding how to manage stock and lead times efficiently and maintaining an impeccable and professional service throughout. On-going training ensures each franchisee is equipped to become a property signage expert.

Second, we as a business have over 20 years of expertise operating nationwide.

This expertise is invaluable. We understand the marketplace and we understand the logistics of providing exactly what the customer needs. But most importantly, we understand what you need. From the financials of operating a business, through to managing employees and your work-load, guidance is just a phone call away.

Thirdly, we believe that to succeed you need to have the right team in place.

Each member of our support team has worked in their respective industries for years. Therefore, they have tonnes of experience and advice no matter the situation. We guarantee regular business development meetings and guidance throughout. As well as marketing support to keep existing customers happy and to help convert prospects into new customers. 

What Makes a Successful Franchisee?

In today’s economic climate, the franchisees who succeed, are the ones who invest and commit their time, make the most of the people around them, and have a clear understanding and foresight to manage their business and utilise the support available via the franchisor.

Success will always be in the planning; the strategy and the ambition to grow in line with well thought out business objectives.

However, when we say grow, that doesn’t just mean planning to build a fleet through expansion, we mean having a clear business plan no matter the size. If you want to be a one-person operation, that’s great. If you want to bring in multiple vans and additional operators, our business model is malleable enough to adapt. The key will always be to be business savvy with a clear goal. Play to your strengths and make the most of who and what’s available for support.

Attributes to run a successful Countrywide Signs business…

  • An effective communicator. That’s for internal comms and to the external customer base.
  • Willingness to learn and accept advice. A franchise is all about the support on offer.
  • We live in an ever-changing economic climate. Just like the pandemic, we only have so much control over external situations.
  • Team Player. You’re part of a network where support is available from franchisees and the franchisor.
  • Financial Aptitude. We don’t mean you need to be an accountant, but you need to understand the numbers.
  • It’s important for all new start-ups. You need to make it happen. The bonus with franchising is that there is already a tried and tested business model in place which works.

Interested in learning more about becoming a Countrywide Signs franchisee? Get in touch today with our franchise experts or schedule a call with our franchise recruitment specialists.