Is sales fear stopping you buying a franchise? Don’t let it – the best franchisors take the fear out of selling.

Sue Jamil, who trains franchisees for the property signboard service Countrywide Signs, says: “Many potential and new franchisees are concerned about ‘door knocking’ to ask for business, which they see as cold calling.”

However, the CWS franchise does not demand cold calling, reassures Sue, a former professional trainer who used to run a successful CWS franchise herself.

Sue says: “Instead of cold calling we contact potential clients with regular messages and promotional offers through email, postcards and social media.

“This ‘warms them up’ so when the franchisee meets them face to face, the experience is not ‘cold’ at all.”

Sue’s sales training for CWS franchisees is enriched by her experience over eight years running the CWS franchise for Bury St Edmunds with her husband. “I share all the successes and challenges I faced, plus hints and tips which aren’t always found in the training manuals,” she says.

“Having done it myself, I know when new and existing franchisees could be doing certain things to help build their business a lot. Some of my insights have never been formally written down before but I’m incorporating them into all aspects of our training for new franchisees and to support existing ones.”

Martin Pitts, who owns the Gloucester and Worcester CWS franchise with wife Jo, says: “You’re not cold calling because earlier marketing contact means potential clients already know about you. What’s more, you are selling a service that’s essential to all estate agents, rather than persuading them to buy something they don’t need.

“Sue’s training means that you know what questions to expect and how to answer them, which is invaluable if you are new to the signboards business.

“You are not under pressure to make a sale immediately – though it does happen sometimes. It’s about building ongoing relationships so when they are ready to buy a board service, they come to you.”

He advises potential franchisees: “Don’t let fear of selling deter you from buying a franchise. I’m not a natural salesperson but after Sue’s training, I can sell successfully. Her training overcomes all your sales fears.”

CWS director Justin Pearce says: “Training and support are closely associated with good franchising, and who better to provide knowledge that counts than a professional trainer turned franchisee?

“Sue can impart the little things that you only know about when you’ve run the business yourself, which sets the CWS training apart. Her training has already been proven to help franchisees get over their sales fears and make more money.”

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a franchisee and the support you can expect, contact us today for an informal conversation.